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Act of transportation, depending on cargo's nature and its intended destination, could be very challenging and costly, unless the logistics is planned properly. We make it simple for our clients by covering all details, from domestic and overseas customs formalities, local government regulations to route and facility surveys, obtaining oversized cargo permits, and ocean freight arrangements, there are so many things to cover in project logistics. At Monarch Group, we analyze each project individually, evaluate requirements, plan the movement, and deliver. 

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Seamless Seamless Logistics



Monarch Group is highly regarded as a project cargo and complex logistics specialist. As a turnkey solution provider, Monarch Group offers variety of support services from the initial planning and budgetary estimates to final delivery. In the diversified and challenging universe of worldwide logistics, we have been the compass to many customers with a proven track record. 

Our freight forwarding solutions are comprised of several logistics services including; ocean freight, multi-axle heavy haulage and rigging, out-of-gauge (OOG) rail-road logistics and a wide spectrum of other support services.  




Monarch clients benefit from our hardcore operational background with field experience which ensure a safe, efficient and quality logistics experience.

For us the cargo is sacred, and we are always committed to providing higher standards. No matter it is a shipment of one single container or a high value project cargo, every client gets the same high standards of working experience with Monarch Group.   

New York Sea Port

Ocean freight SERVICES

Monarch provides worldwide ocean freight services. Our technical and commercial knowledge allow us ​to provide customized services for any type of project.


Services include:

  • Breakbulk, heavy lift and oversized cargo

  • Roll-On/Roll-OFF (RO/RO)

  • Full Container Load (FCL)

  • Less Container Load (LCL)

  • Tug+Barge / River Transportation 

ship chartering and post-fixture FOR HEAVY LIFT OPERATIONS

We combine our vast industry knowledge in logistics with strong capabilities to design custom-made solutions for meeting challenging demands and requirements. Our certified chartering team will assess the cargo requirements, locate the right vessel that suits the criteria, position, charter and follow post-fixture operations till final delivery.


Monarch Group is a proud member of Association of Ship Brokers & Agents. 

multi-axle heavy haulage and rigging

Have you ever heard of some cargo discharged somewhere cannot be moved further to its intended final inland destination because of missing road permits, or lack of equipment with the necessary capacity. These kind of issues usually result with prolonged waiting times, delays with the delivery and in most cases may even lead to some unwanted extra costs such as storage and demurrage. 

As a turnkey solutions provider, at Monarch Group, our projects division will plan, determine the right multi-axle special equipment, work on the route, ports, permits, civilian and police escorts if required by regulators and position the equipment at the right time, minimizing or eliminating extra waiting times, thus increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.  

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