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Seamless Logistics

In the fragmented world of shipping, we serve you only the best ingredients for a quality logistics experience. From project forwarding, liner services, and inland transportation to customs clearance, logistics engineering and consulting we provide our clients turnkey solutions with our experienced team and a strong global network of partners. 




Monarch Group International, founded in 2012, is an international logistics provider specialized in turnkey transportation solutions primarily engaged in oversized and complex cargo movements. 

We fully focus on identifying clients specific requirements, and custom-design solutions that meet or exceed these requirements with a team of highly experienced individuals.


Monarch Group is always regarded as a quality logistics solutions provider. We probably spend more time with our clients than anything else, to fully understand their logistical needs. We always want to make a difference, be responsible, transparent and offer a product that is truly exceptional. 

logistics engineerING

Every project is different with its own unique scenario, requirements and complications. At Monarch Group, we understand the challenges involved in the international movement of cargoes. In every logistics task we undertake, we establish a complete and transparent working relationship with the customer to fully understand what needs to be done. We analyze clients' requirements, study the cargo, evaluate origin and destination facilities, review local customs regimes and engineer a solution to achieve our goal; a perfect operational execution, safe and timely delivery. 

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  • Power Generation

  • Automotive

  • Mining & Construction

  • Food & Beverage

  • Oil & Gas

  • Defence, Government & NGO

  • Emergency and Humanitarian Relief Operations

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